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LEANFOOD complete meal replacement with guaranteed weight loss results.

This is how it works for you


1. What’s in a
LeanFood Tab

  • Made using whole plant foods

  • High in protein and complete amino acids

  • Nutrient dense with macro and micro nutrients

  • Great tasting natural flavours

2. Take one
LeanFood Tab
every hour

  • Keeping you feeling full and satisfied

  • Maintaining your energy levels

  • Effectively managing your energy levels

  • Continuously supplying you with essential nutrients

3. Complete nutrients
for one day

  • Take 12 LeanFood Tabs a day

  • Restricted calorie intake to only 1200 kCal per day

  • Providing your complete RDA of all essential nutrients

  • Guaranteed weight loss over the 5 Day programme

LeanFood Tabs explained

Expert nutritionist and fitness trainer shares his knowledge of LeanFood.

The 5 Day Programme
The 5 Day Programme

The 5 Day Programme

5 days gives your body an opportunity to kickstart natural weight loss through caloric restriction and healthy metabolic efficiency.

By providing all major nutrients through whole food ingredients, you continue to thrive.

Replaces all your regular meals for 5 days saving you time and money.

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Frequently asked questions

During the 5 day programme you will replace all your meal with LeanFood tabs. Instead of 3 or 4 meals a day, you will eat one tab every hour (12 tabs per day). This will guarantee weight loss, and save you a lot of time and money.

If your main goal is weight loss, then try your best stick to the 1 Tab an hour schedule. If you consume more than 1 Tab an hour, fat-burning could be affected. Longer gaps between Tabs are not a problem but keep in mind that you may get hungry more easily. If you are frequently using longer gaps than 1 hr, you will find it difficult to eat 12 TABS a day. We recommend setting a timer to remind yourself.
LEANFOOD TABS are formulated so that the daily energy and nutrient intake is balanced throughout the day on 12 Tabs.

If you are experiencing headaches on the programme, we recommend drinking 8oz (250ml) of pure water with each LEANFOOD TAB, and about 2–3 litres of water a day. If you exercise or perform other heavy or intense work, you should drink more water. Coffee and any other beverage containing calories should be avoided.

We do not recommend drinking any alcohol when you eat LEANFOOD TABS. Alcohol is a fat burning inhibitor.

If you experience headaches during the first few days, we recommend drinking 17-oz (500ml) of a salt-water solution that you can make yourself. Use one litre of water and add 1 tsp (6g) of salt. Due to the low salt content in the LEANFOOD TABS you can do this without any problem. Roughly 5% of users experience a light headache within the first few days, which is likely caused by the switch from sugar burning to fat burning.

Weight loss begins immediately once you begin taking LEANFOOD TABS. Remember to weigh yourself at the same time every day. The ideal time is in the morning and after you go to the toilet. In the initial phase, weight loss is slightly greater and decreases slightly after three to five days. The percentage of fat loss as part of weight loss in the subsequent fat-burning phase can fluctuate depending on the initial weight and the extent of physical activity during work and leisure. It is therefore not possible to state exact values as it will differ from person to person. You will definitely see the weight loss on the scales. Please visit our success stories page and see how much weight loss people have experienced.

Yes, you can take LEANFOOD TABS for more than 5 days. For health and safety reasons, legally we have to point out that LEANFOOD TABS should not be used for longer than 8 weeks without medical care. Some overweight users have been taking LEANFOOD TABS for a long time with medical assistance (200 days or more) without any problems. In general, the duration of a LEANFOOD TAB Programme depends on your initial weight and your desired weight.