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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions
LeanFood Tabs FAQs

Store LEANFOOD TABS at room temperature and prevent exposure to direct or intense sunlight.

If your main goal is weight loss, then try your best stick to the 1 tab an hour schedule. If you consume more than 1 tab an hour, fat-burning could be affected. Longer gaps between tabs are not a problem but keep in mind that you may get hungry more easily. If you are frequently using longer gaps than 1 hr, you will find it difficult to eat 12 TABS a day. We recommend setting a timer to remind yourself. LEANFOOD TABS are formulated so that the daily energy and nutrient intake is balanced throughout the day on 12 Tabs.

We recommend drinking a glass of normal tap water with each LEANFOOD TAB, or about two to three litres of water a day. If you exercise or perform other heavy or intense work, you probably need to drink more. Tap water is best. You should avoid coffee and any other beverage containing calories.

Alcohol is a fat-burning inhibitor, so we do not recommend drinking any alcohol when you are on the LEANFOOD programme.

Yes, you can take LEANFOOD TABS for more than 5 days. For health and safety reasons, legally we have to point out that LEANFOOD TABS should not be used for longer than 8 weeks without medical care. Some overweight users have been taking LEANFOOD TABS for a long time with medical assistance (200 days or more) without any problems. In general, the duration of a LEANFOOD TAB Programme depends on your initial weight and your desired weight.

As a substitute for your normal diet for weight loss, we recommend starting with 5-10 days. Legally, we have to point out that the LEANFOOD TABS should not be used for longer than eight weeks without medical care. In principle, the duration of use depends on the desired weight loss. Sometimes you reach your desired weight rather quickly, but the more you need to lose the longer it may take. You can also do several stages, for example by taking a break from LEANFOOD TABS for a month and then starting another programme.

The raw materials used are of 100% vegetable origin with no additives or synthetic ingredients. There are also no allergens that require labelling and therefore Leanfood tabs are gluten free, wheat free, soya free, nut free and celery free. For the full ingredients list, please visit the product page and scroll down to the ingredients tab.

Each LEANFOOD TAB has less than 100kcal. 12 TABS will not have more than 1200kcal/day which will guarantee weight loss.

There are no age restrictions as Leanfood tabs are a whole food and therefore suitable for people of all age groups.

Weight loss begins immediately once you begin taking LEANFOOD TABS. Remember to weigh yourself at the same time every day. The ideal time is in the morning and after you go to the toilet. In the initial phase, weight loss is slightly greater and decreases slightly after three to five days. The percentage of fat loss as part of weight loss in the subsequent fat-burning phase can fluctuate depending on the initial weight and the extent of physical activity during work and leisure. It is therefore not possible to state exact values, as it will differ from person to person. Please visit our success stories page and see how much weight loss people have experienced.

This is not physiologically possible with a healthy metabolism. After a few days with just under 1200kcal a day, there is no other option but for the body to use its own reserves. If there is no weight loss after several days with LEANFOOD TABS, we recommend contacting a doctor or qualified health care professional.

If you are already taking medication, we always recommend that you check with your doctor. Weight loss is not always desirable when taking medication.

There is probably no natural food that does not cause side-effects in someone, somewhere. However, LEANFOOD TABS are free of allergens (gluten, wheat, nut, soya, celery) and are therefore among the foods that cause the least intolerance. If you take LEANFOOD TABS as a full day diet replacement and do not follow the recommendation of drinking two to three litres of water per day, you will not be taking in enough liquid, which for some people can cause headaches. In addition, you may need more than two to three litres of water per day if you do a lot of physical work. If you normally sweat a lot, you should consider additional salt intake while taking LEANFOOD. Unfortunately, it is not possible to give an exact amount, because sweat can contain between one and four grams of salt per litre. An average value should be just under 2g per litre. Headaches are not uncommon.

Digestive problems can have many causes and it is not possible for us to cover this here. In general, however, the following points should be noted. The intestinal content is better pushed through the small intestine to the rectum if it reaches a certain volume. This is usually guaranteed if you take enough fibre or dietary fibre with sufficient liquid. LEANFOOD TABS do contain enough dietary fibre provided you drink two to three litres of liquid a day. The main reason for constipation could be that you don't drink enough water. Experience has shown that regular physical activity supports and promotes bowel movement. This is one of the many reasons why regular physical activity is recommended. The intestinal flora also has a major impact on digestion. As soon as a diet is changed, the intestinal flora changes to a certain extent. Here it can take 10 days or more to adapt to the new diet. If you experience any digestive problems attributed to taking LEANFOOD TABS, you can try to gradually get used to LEANFOOD. For example, by replacing a single meal with 3 tabs over 180 min, as opposed to taking 1 tab every 60 minutes.

This can sometimes be caused by insufficient water intake. We recommend drinking 17-oz (500ml) of a salt-water solution that you can make yourself. Use one litre of water and add 1 tsp (6g) of salt. Because of the low salt content in the LEANFOOD TABS you can do this without any problem. Roughly 5% of users experience a light headache within the first few days, which is likely caused by the switch from sugar burning to fat burning.

Yes, LEANFOOD TABS do not contain gluten or any allergens such as Nuts, wheat, soya or celery.

Yes, LEANFOOD TABS contain less than 2% fructose of the total carbohydrates

The influence of diet on sleep has not been extensively researched. Sleep goes through different phases and it can be influenced positively or negatively by diet. Unfortunately, we know of no study that examined the influence of the LEANFOOD TABS diet on sleep. In general, however, the amount of carbohydrates has a significant impact on sleep. Its possible the low carbohydrate content in LEANFOOD TABS may make you feel like you need less sleep, as some of our users have testified. However, this is only speculation and it’s worth noting that sleep quality is also important besides sleep duration.

One LEANFOOD TAB contains just under 10g of carbohydrates. These are composed of different types of carbohydrates in such a way that the subsequent increase in blood sugar is as low as possible - if at all. This is called the glycaemic load of a food (effective blood sugar response with the amount of food eaten) and is more meaningful than the glycaemic index, because the latter is determined for food consumption containing 50g or more carbohydrates. In the case of LEANFOOD, five TABS would need to be eaten at once to register the glycaemic index, but we recommend taking 1 tab per hour which does not cause any significant spike in blood sugar.

With LEANFOOD TABS, most people in general take around 1000 to 2500 fewer calories per day than what would be normally consumed. The body must get this deficit of calories from body reserves, which enables weight loss and the maintenance of weight. As a comparison, in order to generate a consumption of 1000 kcal via sport, a 70kg man has to jog at 10km/h for about 80 minutes. One day of LEANFOOD TABS saves this number of calories, which is greater than one hour of most normal sports. One day a week with LEANFOOD TABS is therefore a sensible thing for weight maintenance. Just keep an eye on the desired weight and plan you LEANFOOD TAB days so that you maintain your desired weight.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines healthy body weight using the Body Mass Index (BMI). It is calculated by the weight in kg divided by the height in meters squared. The BMI values, which correspond to ‘normal weight’, are between 18.5 to 25kg/m2. Everything above 25 is considered overweight.

LEANFOOD TABS are a safe and effective way to achieve your desired weight. The development with ultra-dense nutrient technology was carried out with the help of software developed over a period of seven years, which is based on many scientific principles. LEANFOOD TABS also contain no additives and meet the requirements of over 180 health-related claims according to the Health Claims Regulation EG 1924/2006 and list EU 432/2012.
5 Day Programme Tips

Mentally prepare to commit to 5 days. Connect with all the motivating reasons why you really want to lose weight and feel positive and strong from the beginning.

Plan when is the best time for you to start. For example, it might be good to start when you have a clear evening schedule.

Most people prefer to do their 5 days from Monday to Friday and then have the weekend to look forward to.

Plan a nice food experience for the Saturday (i.e. day 6). It will be worth the wait!

For caffeine lovers, the occasional cup of tea or coffee is fine but avoid adding sugar or sweetened milks. Green tea may also be helpful and is naturally low in calories.

It’s easier and a lot more fun if you do the 5 days with a partner or friend and meet up, call or connect through social media to support each other.

Keep busy during the day. It really helps to pass the time quicker and takes your mind any nagging old eating habits.

Try different flavours during the day so you don't get tired of the same flavours. Luckily there are 9 flavours to choose from.

Go out for a brisk walk or bike ride or whatever exercise you enjoy. Regular exercise can positively impact serotonin levels in yourbrain, boosting your mood and overall sense ofwell-being.

Take a picture of yourself before the 5 days to compare to afterward. You will be pleased with the results!

Keep going - the reward comes at the end when you stand on those scales!

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